Uta Priegnitz – University of Copenhagen

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Uta Priegnitz


Contact: uta.priegnitz (at) wur.nl

Country of birth : Germany

Official title: Master of Science (Integrated Natural Resource Management), Diploma (Sociology)

Ongoing project within AgTraIn 2012-2015: Improving seed potato quality in South-Western Uganda by designing alternative technologies and supply systems

Previous institutions: Humboldt University Berlin- Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture (Germany), Julius Kuehn- Institute Kleinmachnow (Germany), University College Dublin (Ireland), Environment Research Centre, Teagasc Johnstown Castle (Ireland), Freie University Berlin (Germany)

AgTraIn institutions: Wageningen University and Research Centre (Netherlands) and University College Cork (Ireland) - Doctoral Candidate (ongoing)

Scientific interest: Sustainable agriculture, crop production and protection, Food security

Spoken Languages: German, English

Working experience: 2009 - 2010 University College Dublin and Teagasc, Johnstwon Castle/Environment Research Centre, Ireland: Research about Bioenergy and gaseous emissions from Irish Grassland, 2008 - 2009 Julius Kühn-Institute in Kleinmachnow, Germany: Research about the efficiency of different plant protection products on the potato-beetle in organic farming, 2007 – 2009 Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany: Study Adviser at the Faculty of Agriculture and Horticulture

Future plans/desired employment: Researcher in agriculture

Published papers in journals/conferences

  • Uta Priegnitz, Willemien Lommen, René van der Vlugt, Stephen Onakuse, Paul Struik (2014): Improving Seed Potato Quality in Southwestern Uganda for Strengthening Food and Cash Security. Poster Presentation Tropentag 2014, September 17 - 19, Prague, Czech Republic http://www.tropentag.de/2014/abstracts/links/Priegnitz_1MlUEZyw.php
  • Augustenborg, C.A., Finnan, J., McBennett, L., Connolly, V., Priegnitz, U., Müller, C. (2011): Farmers’ perspectives for the development of a Bionenergy industry in Ireland. Global Change Biology Bioenergy, 4(5):597-610
  • Kühne, S., Priegnitz, U., Hummel, B., Ellmer, F. (2011): Colorado potato beetle (Leptinotasara decemlineata Say) – alien species in Germany since 1936 and new control strategies using biological insecticides (Azadirachtin, Bacillus thuringiensis var. tenebrionis, Pyrethrum and Spinosad). Mitt. Dtsch.Ges.Allg.Angew.Ent., 18, 421-431
  • Kühne, S., Priegnitz, U., Ellmer, F., Moll, E. (2009): Öko-Knollen: Neues Mittel im Käfer-Kampf (Organic potatoes- benefits of a new product to control the beetles). Top agrar, 6, 56-59
  • Kühne, S., Kowalska, J., Priegnitz, U., Moll, E., Ellmer, F. (2008): Wirkung von Spinosad auf die Regulierung des Kartoffelkäfers (Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say) im Ökologischen Landbau (Effect of Spinosad for the control of the Potato Beetle in organic farming). Mitt. Julius Kühn-Institut, 417, 248