Syed Faiz-ul Islam – University of Copenhagen

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Syed Faiz-ul Islam



Country of birth: Bangladesh

Official title: Syed Faiz-ul Islam

Ongoing project within AgTraIn 2013 - 2016: Reduced GHG emissions from intensified rice production systems. See description

Previous institutions:  Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh,   University of Goettingen, Germany

AgTraIn institutions: Wageningen University, The Netherlands,  University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Scientific interest: Climate Change, Greenhouse gas emissions, Adaptation of Climate smart agriculture, Food security, Sustainable development

Spoken Languages:  Bengali, English, Hindi, Danish

Working experience: Agriculture officer

Future plans/desired employment: International NGOs, United Nation institutions like FAO, UNEP, UNDP etc

Interests/hobbies: Traveling and learning new culture and customs, reading books, listening music, Playing football and cricket