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Sanjeeb Bhattarai



Personal site:

Country of birth: Nepal

Project title 2011: Exploring multi-functional alternative landscape designs for intensive coffee systems in Costa Rica

Previous institutions: Copenhagen University (Denmark), Bangor University (UK) and Tribhuvan University (Nepal)

AgTraIn institutions: Wageningen University (Netherlands) and Montpellier SupAgro (France)

Scientific interest: Socio-ecological systems

Spoken Languages: Nepali (mother tongue), English (advance), Spanish (intermediate), Hindi (intermediate)

Working experience: more than 10 years of working experiences with various sectors (e.g. government, research/university etc.) related planning, research and development of participatory management of natural resources

Future plans/desired employment: Multidisciplinary and integrated research and development of socio-ecological systems, particularly in the contexts of global to local changes

Countries with academic and/or professional experiences: Nepal, Netherlands, France, Costa Rica, UK, Denmark, Kenya, Thailand, India, Switzerland and Mexico

Interests/hobbies: travel, hiking and reading

List of major publications

  1. Leimona, B, M. v. Noordwijk, L. Joshi, D. Catacutan, T. Yatich, J. Dietz, H. Mwangi, J. M. Gathenya, C. Mathuri, F. Sinclair, S. BHATTARAI, L. Onyango…(2011). Methods to Assess What is ‘Realistic’ in the Context of Payment of Environmental Services (PES) (pp 79-121). In Trees, livelihoods, current and future climate variability: Methods and Approaches for Linking Knowledge with Action in Adaptation to Climate Change through Support for Landscape Multifunctionality, ed. M. v. Noordwijk, M. H. Hoang, H. Neufeldt, I. Oborn and T. Yatich. Bogor: World Agroforestry Centre, South East Asia (ICRAF-SEA). ( PDF 1MB)
  2. Christensen, M., S. BHATTARAI, S. Devkota and H. O. Larsen, 2008. Collection and Use of Wild Edible Fungi in Nepal. Economic Botany, Volume 62, Number 1. pp. 12-23. (LINK)

List of major presentations

  1. BHATTARAI, S., C. Allinne, J. Avelino, C. Gary, W. Rossing, P. Tittonell, and B. Rapidel. Interactions between household and plot characteristics in generation of ecosystem services from coffee agro-ecosystems of small holders in Llano Bonito, Costa Rica. Paper presentation at the 7th Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) Conference, 2014/09/08-12, San José, Costa Rica. Ecosystem Services Partnership, Wageningen, Netherlands. (PDF 170KB)
  2. BHATTARAI, S., C. Gary, W. Rossing, P. Tittonell, and B. Rapidel. 2014. Interactions between Site Factors, Shade Trees and Coffee Plant Characteristics: Coffee Agroforestry Systems in Costa Rica. Poster Presentation at the 3rd World Congress on Agroforestry (WCA), 2014/04/10-14, New Delhi, India. World Agroforestry Centre (ICARAF), Kenya. (PDF 1MB)