Roberto Hernandez – University of Copenhagen

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Roberto Roderico Hernandez Chea



Country of birth: Guatemala

Official title: Master of Science in Agribusiness Management 

Ongoing project within AgTraIn: 2013 – 2016: Developing Smallholders' Business Model Innovation

Previous institutions: MSc: National Pingtung University of Science and Technology and BSc: Universidad Rafael Landivar.

AgTraIn institutions: University of Copenhagen (Denmark) and Universita degli Studi di Catania (Italy)

Scientific interest: Agribusiness, market innovation agricultural value chains, development

Spoken Languages: Spanish, English and Chinese

Working experience: Regulatory & Technical Regional Manager/Registration Department, Pilarquim, Ltd. Shanghai, China, Professor and Labs Manager at Universidad Rafael Landivar and Assistant Manager in Quality Management Systems

Future plans/desired employment: Professional researcher within international organization

Hobbies: Swimming, dancing, and hiking