Mariagiulia Mariani – University of Copenhagen

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Mariagiulia Mariani



Country of birth: Italy

Official title: MA Anthropology of Food

Ongoing project within AgTraIn: 2013 – 2016: Origin-based food for biodiversity and sustainable development: innovation in knowledge and information management

Previous institutions: SOAS, University of London, University of Trieste, Sorbonne Nouvelle

AgTraIn institutions: Montpellier SupAgro/Cirad, University of Catania

Scientific interest: Food culture, Grassroots movements, Labeling systems, Food and health policing, Migrations and interculture, Anthropology of Maghreb and Andean region

Spoken Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, basic Arabic

Working experience: 5 year working experience with Slow Food International (Bra, Italy), as Europe Area Coordinator and Program Director for Education. 1 year with Gastronomica Ltd (London, UK) as Buyer for Italian specialty food. From 2012, setting up an agroecological farm and education centre in the Ecuadorian Andean region. 

Future plans/desired employment:As a food anthropologist, I wish to join International Organizations dealing with research on food policy and rural community project management.

Hobbies: Cooking, tasting, food travelling and writing

List of published papers in journals/conferences

  1. Mariani, M., Peri, I, Carrà, G. (2015). Quality Schemes and Pastoralism in Sicily: relic from the past, or ace in the hole?, Quality – Access to Success, 16.
  2. Chabrol, D., Mariani, M., Sautier, D. (2015). Establishing Geographical Indications without State Involvement? Learning from Case Studies in Central and West Africa, World Development (under review).
  3. Holt-Giménez, E., Mariani, M. and Walton, A. (2012). Green Grabbing our Future: Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Institute for Food and Development Policy, June 19, 2012.
  4. Mariani, M. (2012). Made in «Italy». Chi prepara la cucina italiana?, Alfabeta 2, 19.
  5. Carrà, G., Mariani, M., Peri, I., Radić, I. (2016) Participatory strategy analysis: The case of wine tourism business, Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia, 8C, pp. 706-712.
  6. Mariani, M, Cerdan, C., Peri, I. (2015) Behind local cheese: comparing Slow Food Presidia and Geographical Indications governance systems, proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Agriculture in an Urbanizing Society, 14-17 September 2015, Rome