Lea Jenin – University of Copenhagen

Lea Jenin

Contact: lea.jenin@gmail.com

Country of birth: France

Official title: Master of in Agricultural Economics (SOAS, UK), Agricultural Engineer (ENSAT, France)

Ongoing project within AgTraIn: PhD 2014-2018 - Liberalisation of the Indian dairy sector and perspectives in term of farmers inclusiveness: an institutional approach of the diversity of dairy supply chains in Andhra Pradesh

AgTraIn institutions: University College Cork, Ireland and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Previous institutions/work experience: 10 years of experience in agricultural development projects in Europe and in developing countries, working for farmers' organizations, NGOs, FAO of the UN,  and the European Union

Scientific interest:  Value chains approach, Livestock and poverty reduction, Agricultural policies and trade, Agricultural economics

Spoken Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian


  • Entente Cordiale Scholarship (2006)
  • Grants from the Zellidja Foundation (1995, 1997)