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Gabriela Maciel Vergara



Country of birth: México

Official title: Master of Sustainable Development in Agriculture

Ongoing project within AgTraIn 201-2017: Effect of selected production variables on potential disease development in small – scale farming of the house cricket (Acheta domesticus L.) in Kenya.

Previous institutions: Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo (México), BSc. University of Copenhagen (Denmark) & Università degli Studi di Catania (Italy), MSc.

AgTraIn institutions: University of Copenhagen, Denmark and Wageningen University, Netherlands, Doctoral candidate (ongoing).

Scientific interest: Biopesticides production by fermentation, Insect production, Insect Pathology, Biological control of Pests, Pollination.

Spoken Languages: Native speaker - Spanish. Fluent in English. Fluent in Italian. Basic user of French & Portuguese.

Working experience: 2006-2009: Research Assistant & Lab Technician at Biotechnology Laboratory (UAEH-México); 2009: Development Specialist at Green Supply (México); 2009-2012:Technical & Commercial Senior Consultant at Koppert Biological Systems (México); 2013: Research assistant at PLEN-University of Copenhagen (Denmark).

Future plans/desired employment: Researcher in private company (R+D+i)/ NGO/public sector, consultant in agriculture development projects, own business.

Interests/hobbies: Swimming, learning languages, travelling, reading, cooking, photography.


  1. Chavarría-Hernández, N., Maciel-Vergara,  G., Chavarría-Hernández,  J.C.,  Castro-Rosas,  J., Rodríguez-Pastrana, B.R., de la Torre-Martínez, M. & Rodríguez-Hernández, A.I. Mass production of the entomopathogenic nematode, Steinernema carpocapsae CABA01, through the submerged monoxenic culture in two internal-loop airlift bioreactors with some geometric differences. Biochem.Eng.J  55: 145–153. DOI:10.1016/j.bej.2011.03.011
  2. Maciel-Vergara, G., Rodríguez-Hernández, A.I., Chavarría-Hernández, N. 2010. Cultivo Monoxénico Sumergido del Nematodo Entomopatógeno, Steinernema carpocapsae CABA01, en Biorreactor airlift con Recirculación Interna. BioTecnología 14:1 (11-22). Sociedad Mexicana de Biotecnología y Bioingeniería.
  3. Gabriela Maciel-Vergara, Vera I.D. Ros, Viruses of insects reared for food and feed, Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, Volume 147, July 2017, Pages 60-75

Oral participations

  • Soluciones biológicas para el control de plagas en cultivos de pimiento bajo invernadero – December 8th 2012. Querétaro. MÉXICO.
  • Uso y manejo de Agentes de Control de Plagas en Invernadero – May 7th-8th 2012. Celaya, Gto. MÉXICO.
  • Aspectos Biotecnológicos en la producción masiva de Nematodos entomopatógenos – November  28th, 2006. Tulancingo, Hgo. MÉXICO


  • BSc. In Agroindustrial Engineery (Honors)
  • 1st Place  for BSc. Thesis Protocol “Efectos de las condiciones de operación en la producción del nemátodo entomopatógeno Steinernema carpocapsae in bioreactor
    agitado neumaticamente ” in Latin American Thermo Fisher Scientific - HyClone Student Award - The Annual HyClone Cell Biology & Biotechnology Scholarship 2007  -  PREMIO SERGIO SÁNCHEZ ESQUIVEL  (SMBB – Sociedad Mexicana de Biotecnología y Bioingeniería)
  • Youth Excelence Hidalgo 2006 Prize, given by the Goverment of Hidalgo State during the State Week of Youth and Sport to notable students of public Universities. (MEXICO, 2006)