Oluwatosin Aregbesola – University of Copenhagen

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 Oluwatosin Zacheus Aregbesola


Contact: tosinaregbs@yahoo.com

Country of birth: Nigeria

Official title: Master of Science

Ongoing project with AgTrain 2014 - 2017:
Understanding the potential impact of climate change on the cassava virus disease pandemics in sub-Saharan Africa

Previous institutions: University of Ibadan – Bachelor of Agriculture degree, Master of Science degree

AgTrain institutions: University of Catania (Italy) and University of Copenhagen (Demark)

Spoken languages: English (fluent), Yoruba (native proficiency), Igbo and Hausa (basic)

Scientific interests: Crop protection, climate change, crop modeling, organic agriculture

Working experiences: April 2013 – Present: Lecturer at Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo, Nigeria, November 2008 – October 2009: Agricultural Science teacher at Eziama High School, Imo, Nigeria

Future plans: Research and development in the university or research institute.

Hobbies: Listening to music and self development 

List of published papers in journals/conferencesJournal articles

  1. Adeyemi, A.A., Aregbesola, O.Z., Adewumi, T.K., Ogunrewo, M.O. (2014). Growth and yield response of tomato to fertilizer application and other cultural practices. Environtropica 11:33-42
  2. Owombo, P.T., Aregbesola, O.Z.  and Adeloye, K.A. (2014). Eco-friendliness of weed management methods in organic farming: the need for extension education. Journal of Agriculture and Sustainability. 6(2): 179-199.
  3. Aregbesola, O.Z  and Owombo, P.T. (2014). Approaches to disease management in organic crop production systems: a case of Cassava mosaic disease and Black pod disease of cocoa. International Scientific Research Organisation Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences 7(12 ver. 2):42-51.
  4. Aregbesola, O.Z and C.O Ilori. (2013). Effects of Cowpea Aphid-borne Mosaic Virus on growth and yield of Wild cowpea (Vigna vexillata L.) A. Rich. Journal of Phytopathology and Plant Health 2: 47-54.

Conference papers

  1. Owombo, P.T., Aregbesola. O.Z., and Ogunrewo, O.M. (2014). Analysing Farmer’s perception of Organic Manure in Yam production under Tropical Conditions.  A paper presented at the Third National Technical Workshop on Organic Agriculture, held at Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo, Nigeria, April 6-11, 2014.
  2. Adeloye, K.A., Ogunrewo, O.M. and Aregbesola. O.Z. (2014). Analysis of Smallholder Farmers’ Perception towards Integrated Soil Fertility Management in Kwara State, Nigeria.  A paper presented at the third National Technical Workshop on Organic Agriculture, held at Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo, Nigeria, April 6-11, 2014.
  3. Aregbesola, O.Z and Ikotun, T. (2013). Organic farming and management of plant diseases in Africa. A paper presented at the Phytopathological Society of Nigeria annual conference held at Umuru Musa Yar’Adua University, Katsina, Nigeria, September 6-8, 2013


  • Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa: Masters scholarship (2010 -2011)
  • Ondo State Government of Nigeria: Undergraduate scholarship (2004-2008)
  • Department of Crop Protection and Environmental Biology, University of Ibadan: Best behaved student (2008)