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Why AgTraIn

Photo by Lensa Sefera Tajebe

Development of the agricultural sector is one of the most effective ways to achieve equitable and pro-poor economic growth and increase food security. Improved understanding of production systems, value addition of products and commercialisation are all necessary to unlock the development potential.

The AgTrain Joint European doctorate is built between 6 leading European Universities of the Agris mundus consortium and their 8 associated partner institutions, in the field of agricultural development, commercialisation and farmer innovation in developing countries. The doctorate builds upon existing doctorate programmes by drawing together best practices from the different universities. Members of the Consortium bring complementary academic specialisations and regional and international networks relevant for this collaboration.

The AgTraIn programme offers added value to the existing doctorate programmes through linking and extending existing European academic networks through joint supervision and mobility periods for students and staff. The inclusion of third country partners in the consortium brings a wealth of contextual, academic expertise and local networks to farmer organisations, developers and agro-industries.

Photo Lensa Sefera Tajebe

Adopting interdisciplinary perspectives to the doctorates specialisation through co-supervision and joint field campaigns with other researchers ensures the broadening of research foci as well as ensures relevance and applied perspectives through consultations with associated partners and external stakeholders. A key feature of the program is the involvement of key stakeholders in identifying research questions and participating in the project formulation. The involvement of stakeholders at this stage creates linkages with the program that creates opportunities for further research as well as opens up connections that may lead to employment of the doctorates.

The AgTraIn doctorate is a fully integrated programme, with one annual call; a joint, transparent selection procedure; common training requirements and supervision principles; and shared evaluation and quality assurance procedures for doctorates, training modules and supervisors.