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What is AgTraIn?

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Joint Doctoral Programme
Agricultural Transformation by Innovation (AgTraIn) is a three-year world-class Joint Doctoral Programme offered by a consortium of six European partner institutions, which all have significant experience in research-based agricultural development. All AgTraIn doctoral candidates will study with two of the partner institutions and will be awarded a joint degree. They will, furthermore, have access to research periods with and co-supervision from six associated partners, which all are local or regional centres of excellence within research and tertiary level education.

PhD Topics
In connection with the annual call for applications, the AgTraIn programme publishes a catalogue of AgTraIn PhD research topics from which you must choose your research topic.

Common foundation
The AgTraIn programme has defined a common foundation which all doctoral candidates must build on regardless of research topic and institutions.

  • Participation in three obligatory joint doctoral courses for all candidates run in connection to the annual workshop;
  • All doctorates must actively communicate their research to an external audience and conferences, popular scientific outputs, briefs and press releases, etc.
  • All doctoral candidates must engage in limited teaching activities in relation to their thesis subject.

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Applied research
In AgTraIn, the emphasis is on applied research. Doctoral candidates will therefore typically do fieldwork (in a wide sense) and it is encouraged, starting already in the project formulation phase, that fieldwork be conducted in connection with stays at Associate Partners, who will contribute with hosting and co-supervising functions.

Expert Committee
Each doctorate will have an independent academic expert committee that will give annual feedback to the doctorate and supervisors on progress, and suggestions for future work. The expert committee will be recruited from the participating institutions (partners and associate partners), but not from research groups involved in the supervision. The expert committee will give oral and short written feedback in connection to the annual workshop.

Each doctoral candidate receives academic coaching and counselling from an appointed principal supervisor and from two co-supervisors from two partner institutions as well as from the Expert Committee. AgTraIn Standardised Supervision Guidelines assist in making expectations to doctoral candidates and supervisors explicit.