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PhD degrees

Successful completion of the AgTaIn Programme results in a joint degree. An overview of the degrees is presented in the table below:

Degree awarding institution

PhD degree

University of Copenhagen

Ph.D - Philosophiae Doctor

PhD - Doctor of Philosophy

Universita degli Studi di Catania

Dottore di Ricerca


University College Cork

Ph.D (Food Science and Technology)

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

Programa de Doctorado en Planificacion de proyectos de Desarrollo Rural y Gestion Sotenible

Ph.D programme in Planning of Rural Development projects and Susatinable Management

Montpellier SupAgro

Diplome de doctoeur du Centre international d'etudes superieures en sciences agronomiques

Wageningen University

Doctorate in the field of Production Ecology and Resource Conservation

University of Padova

Ph.D - Philosophiae Doctor

Ph.D - Doctor of Philosophy

It is the ambition of the AgTraIn programme to issue joint degrees as soon as the national legislation allows it, in order to truly reflect the integrated nature and common rules, managment and quality criteria of the programme.

Currently, governments of France and the Netherlands are in the process of formulating laws that enable joint degrees. It is expected that also Denmark, Spain and Italy will do so within the timeframe of the programme, so that AgTraIn can issue joint degrees to all doctorates at the time of graduation.